Carden's Wild Domain

Lyrics: Rev.Timothy Corcoran (1857-1928)

The following is taken from 'Wordsnare- A Magazine of Nenagh Arts 1977', compiled and edited by Donal A. Murphy and Nancy Murphy. "Timothy Corcoran was born at Caraduff, Killea, Templemore. The brothers Timothy and James were involved in land agitation in the Killea area in the 1880s. They emigrated to the United States where they completed their studies for the priesthood. Timothy died on November 6th. 1928. Andrew Murray Carden owned Barnane Castle and its adjoining estate. The magnificent residence is now in ruins. Another estate in Templemore owned by Sir John Carden included the present Town Park."(Abridged)
I am also indebted to Ríonach Uí Ógain who kindly sent me a version of the song which appeared in the publication, 'The Spirit of Tipperary'. My thanks to Nancy and Donal Murphy, Ríonach Uí Ógain, Michael Scanlan and Luke Cheevers.
Note: There are some differences between the melody and words used here and the version commonly sung in parts of Tipperary.

Of all the places in this world no matter where I roam,
I love you dear old Erin's Isle my own ancestral home.
Where'er I stray by night or day fond memory draws my brain
To the happy pleasant days I spent around Carden's Wild Domain.

When autumn shades were golden it was there I used to roam
Where the pheasant, grouse and partridge all find a happy home
The wild jack hare he rises there and scampers over the plain
For to test the fleetness of the dogs around Carden's Wild Domain.

And the turtle dove sits cooing there upon the tall oak trees.
The thrush and blackbird warbles loud their notes come through the breeze.
The cuckoo's notes are heard to sound along those flowery vales
And echo all the woodland around Carden's Wild Domain.

It grieves me too to see this land oppressed by tyrants' laws.
To strike a blow for freedom would be a righteous cause.
To see her sons and daughters compelled to cross the main
And to leave behind their loving homes around Carden's Wild Domain.

So rise you men of Bearnán and get ready for the fray
And join the noble General McSweeney from Killea.
Led on by those great mountaineers those lands we'll soon regain
And we'll plant our homesteads once again around Carden's Wild Domain.

With cap and feather trimmed with green we will march in grand array.
Three cheers we'll give for everyone who comes from sweet Killea.
Those cruel tyrannic landlords we'll chase across the main
And we'll raise the flag of freedom high over Carden's Wild Domain.